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Tutorial - How to Convert EBook to EPUB/MOBI?

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Have tons of different types of eBooks and want to read them on just about anything? You'll need Free ePub Mobi Reader and Converter which can convert them all to EPUB,the closest thing to an eBook standard. For Amazon Kindle users, it has the ability to convert eBooks to MOBI for convenient reading on Kindle device or Kindle app, whether it is a business report that needs reviewing on the go or an amateur story you want to read during your lunch hour. It is completely free for any users and not any hidden cost and registration will be required.
Input EBooks

Step 1. Input EBooks

Once this program is launched, click "Add Files" and then you can choose to input files/folder/folder with sub-folders for your eBook conversion. You are also allowed to drag and drop eBooks into the program window directly. After that, the imported eBooks will be listed in the program window and you can choose to delete the selected files or all imported files from the list by clicking "Remove Selected" or "Remove ALL".
Choose Output Device

Step 2. Choose Output Device

Check the eBooks you want to convert, then click folder icon in the "Output directory" bar to choose an output folder for the converted eBooks. Right after that, choose the brand of your eReader and then select one of its corresponding devices listed in the right menu of "Device", then, pick up a supported format like EPUB or MOBI from the dropdown list of "Format". Many other eBook formats are also available and you can choose any one to suit your needs. You can create parent folder for output files or not to convert if the source format is the same with output format. If needed, view the details of eBook by clicking "File Info". When dealing with multiple eBooks, you need to set the maximum number of parallel conversion processes in the menu of "Parallel conversion count".

Tips: It is up to you to decide how many threads will be started as a large number of threads might slow down your computer.
Start Conversion

Step 3. Start Conversion

When all settings are done, click "Start Conversion" to start the conversion process. After the conversion is complete, click "Open" to find the results directly. To view log reports, click "Logs".

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